Early life

I was born and raised in Flint, MI in 1989.  Growing up I attended Flint schools and in 2008 I graduated from Bendle High School in Burton, MI.  After graduating I enlisted in the US Navy and served 4 years and received and honorable discharge.  In December of 2013 I moved back to Flint, MI with my wife and 2 children.  When the switch to the Flint river water system began, my bill skyrocketed and my sinks began to turn yellow.  Fearing for the safety of my children, I began working in water and wastewater treatment.  




In 2014 I began my career in water and wastewater treatment.  My first job was with the city of Durand.  I received first hand experience with treating water, replacing water mains, and testing the water we drink every day.  After almost 3 years I was recruited by the Genesee County Drain Commission.  I worked for 1 year in the Linden treatment facility gaining experience with other processes of treatment for wastewater.  My next career oppurtunity came with an Engineering firm that was tasked with testing the Flint water.  I traveled the city of Flint everyday collecting samples and testing them at the lab on Dort HWY and Stewart Ave.  



Growing up with a single mother on Flints southside I learned the true meaning of a community and being humble.  My time in the Navy taught me honor, courage and commitment to the people of my community and the job they task me with completing.  I will always put the residents of Genesee County first.